How A Parking Lot Camera Can Thwart A Criminal

September 20th, 2019

Imagine this scenario: It is night time and a customer arrives to your store to grab a few items before heading home. He parks and as he is locking up his car a thief comes out of nowhere, debilitates him, robs him, and takes off with his car. When the man awakes, he comes into your store to tell your manager what happens. They call the police but no one saw the incident. You don’t have security cameras so you can’t provide the police with anything. The criminal gets away with the terrible crime they committed. Sadly, the story doesn’t end there, the next thing you know you receive a court summons and are being sued. 

Protect Your Customers And Your Business

The scenario painted above is a shockingly commonplace occurrence. Since the incident happened on your property, you could be held liable. Even though you didn’t do anything to help the criminal, an attorney can and will argue that you did nothing to protect your customer from the incident and they may just win the case. Furthermore, once word spreads that a man was attacked in your parking lot, other customers will be less likely to visit your store because they fear for their own safety. They would be right to do so. You have an obligation to keep your customers safe, just as you have an obligation to protect your business.

How Parking Lot Security Can Help

In this scenario, a parking lot camera could go a long way. Your store personnel could have seen the suspicious criminal attacking your customer and called the police before they got away with the crime. They could have also gone to help the man once injured, because they would have seen the incident. Then you could have provided the police everything they needed to capture the criminal, so the victim could see the justice they deserve. In fact, the crime might have been completely avoided because there is no more effective deterrent to crime than a surveillance camera. The criminal could have seen the camera and thought they would be better off attacking someone elsewhere where there is less risk of being caught.

Don’t Take The Risk, Install Parking Lot Surveillance Cameras

To protect your customers and your business from this scenario, you should work with a professional security company like the experts at Triton Global Services. We’ll assess the risks your customers and employees face in your parking lot and design a customized system that will help mitigate those risks. With top of the line security technology, such as high definition, tamper-resistant cameras with night vision, you can easily identify any risks to your safety. They will not only help provide evidence if needed, they will protect you from being held liable for these kinds of incidents because you took the steps necessary to protect everyone on your property.

Don’t let a criminal destroy everything you’ve worked to build. Instead, speak with the experts at Triton Global Services. We’ll help you get the protection you need for your customers and your business.