Protect Your Store From Theft With These 4 Tips

April 26th, 2019

You’ve worked hard to create your retail business in Inland Empire, CA. Protecting everything you’ve worked so hard for should be a top priority. From catching criminals who steal from your establishment, to discovering that employees are engaging in inappropriate activity, a video surveillance system can go a long way toward keeping your business going strong. Consider these four tips that can help you protect your retail establishments from crime.

1 - Prepare For Anything

Many people believe that theft only occurs in the darkest hours of the nights. Not so. Theft can occur at any time of the day, even when you and your employees are working. Early mornings, late nights, and slow periods are no times to let your guard down. Take routine steps every day to protect your business, like turning on your security system and making sure that the doors are locked at the end of the day.

2 - Present A Fair Warning

Thieves are less likely to make an intrusion when they know that someone is watching them. Place signs and stickers around your store entrances to let everyone know that the property is being monitored. Many business security and video monitoring companies provide bight and bold stickers and signs that make the perfect statement of warning that can deter theft before it ever occurs.

3 – Keep Your Cool

Every retail business owner in Inland Empire, CA should have a plan in place that lets employees know what steps to take if criminal activity occurs. The more they know, the more likely they will be to keep calm. Create a manual that tells them what actions to take to protect themselves and customers if an unfortunate event occurs. Go over pertinent information during your monthly meetings that includes the following:

  • Review and establish code words that can be used to indicate a threat.
  • Designate a place where people can go for safety.
  • Provide everyone with a list of important numbers to call in an emergency.
  • Show employees where to find the panic button (if your store has one).

4 – Always Update Your Software

No one thinks about their security equipment until it stops functioning. Check your cameras regularly to make sure they are still working properly. Perform software updates regularly. Older technology requires more regular maintenance, so you might consider upgrading to a modern system. Today’s video cameras are accessible right from your smartphone to give you easy updates and alerts.

It’s Your Best Defense

Your main security goal is to keep your property and employees safe. Today’s video surveillance meets that goal by becoming your best line of defense against theft. Though the hope is that criminal activity is thwarted before it happens, some thieves are undaunted. A security system can catch them in the act and provide law enforcement with all of the evidence they need to make an arrest. Having the right system installed and the right plan in place can keep your Inland Empire, safe and secure.