Ways to Monitor Your Business Entrances More Effectively

October 10th, 2019

One of the first places to start when it comes to the security of your business is the entrance. To keep your business safe, it is important to monitor this area and safeguard yourself against intruders. You should also invest in the right equipment so you can monitor who is coming and going at all times as well.

The following are a few ways to monitor your business entrances more effectively.

Surveillance Cameras

When you have video cameras installed, and they are installed properly to catch a variety of different angles, you can easily record and monitor who is coming and going. You can monitor the property for suspicious behavior and use mobile monitoring solutions to check-in at any time you want from your mobile device.

Install Door Alarms

After business hours, door alarms are a good way to monitor the property. If any of the doors are opened, there will be an audible alarm. When choosing door locks, make sure to get one that has a user-friendly control panel that allows you to change settings and turn the alarms on and off when needed.

Access Control

If you have areas in the business in which access needs to be restricted for certain people, then having an access control system is the best way to accomplish this. When choosing an access control system, you can pick a variety of different options including access cards, biometric readers, cloud-based control, smart device access, and even intercoms.

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)

This is a way to further customize the protection you have for your entrances. Since the entry points are also the way in which the thief will escape, you want to make sure that there are alarms at the entrance that emit an audible sound when any stolen merchandise passes through this point.

Improve Network Security

Digital entrances for your business are just as important as the physical entrances and should be offered the same protection. Hackers are prevalent in today's society, and they stop at nothing as they find new and improved ways of getting into your business network and stealing valuable information.

You need to practice security safeguards and best practices when it comes to improving your digital security. This means that you need to have strong passwords that are changed regularly, all network firewalls need to be updated, and every employee needs to undergo training in order to understand and recognize phishing schemes and other cybersecurity threats that may pop up.

Bottom Line

To monitor your business entrances more effectively, you need to follow the advice we have outlined here while taking a closer look at the individual and unique needs of your business. If you feel that you need more in the way of security and protection for your business, there is a variety of different security options to go with that will allow you this extra layer of protection.

For more information on these and other security options for business, contact Triton Global Services to get started.