Seven Steps To Take After Your Home Has Been Robbed

July 25th, 2019

There is nothing more terrifying than finding out that your house has been burglarized. Not only have you lost valuable possessions, but you now are faced with feeling unsafe in your own home. However, if you know what steps to take after a burglary, you may be able to recoup your things and secure your house so it doesn’t happen again. Here is what to do when you’ve been robbed.

1. Contact Law Enforcement

The very first thing you need to do is contact law enforcement. Tell them where you are and what happened. It’s a good idea for them to come out right away because the thieves may still be in the area. Do not touch or move anything until the police arrive. 

2. Get To A Safe Location

When you discover your home has been broken into, your natural instinct will be to investigate how bad the damage. However, the criminals may still be in your home. So the best thing you can do is get somewhere safe. Consider going to your neighbor’s house or a store nearby until the police can arrive and check out the scene. If you are in your home and can’t leave safely, find a place to hide and barricade the door until the police arrive.

3. Follow The Instructions Provided By The Police

Police are trained in how to identify what made your vulnerable. They will give you an estimation of what they believe happened. They will also tell you the next steps to proceed to help them catch the criminal.

4. Take Pictures

Taking pictures can help provide the police with evidence. It will also help you understand what you are missing and provide your insurance company with documentation. After you’ve taken pictures and the police are finished investigating at your home, you can begin cleaning up the mess.

5. Contact Your Insurance Provider

Call your homeowner’s insurance provider and let them know there was a breakup. They will give you instructions on how to begin filing a claim. Let them know you’ve filed a police report and taken photographs. 

6. Review Your Home Security

Using the information provided by the police, review your home for vulnerabilities. Take this time to follow any instructions and advice provided by the police. Also make sure to change your locks, secure your entry points, and contact a professional security company. 

7. Install A Home Security System

The best thing you can do after experiencing a home invasion is to install a comprehensive security system. Working with a professional security expert will help make sure that the system you get will prevent future break-ins. It will also help you begin to feel safe again in your home. 

At Triton Global Services, we understand the fear and stress people experience after a break in and we are here to help. We do a full point inspection of your home and identify all your vulnerabilities. We then will custom design an affordable solution that will prevent break-ins in the future. Contact us today to learn more.