Five Ways To Prepare For Your New Alarm System

August 18th, 2022

When it’s time to install a security system in your Inland Empire home, the process can be easier if you prepare a few things. This will help make sure that installation runs smoothly and you get all the features you need. Here are five things every Inland Empire homeowner should prepare before having their alarm system installed:

1. Obtain A Permit:

Before you have a home security system installed, contact your municipality. Many cities and towns in CA have requirements or ordinances for installing home security. You do not want to have a system installed only to find out you are out of code.

2. Invent A Secure Code: 

Most alarm systems require a code. The code should be one that everyone can remember easily, but avoid one that is too easy such as “1234” or “ 2222”. You are also safer if you use a combination of letters and numbers such a Fido42. Also have a strategy to change the code routinely in case someone cracks it.

3. Get Familiar With Your Home Security System:

Make sure you take advantage of all the new features. If you go with a mobile app, download it and explore, make sure you understand it fully and if anyone else will be using the app besides you, they also understand how it works. Write down any questions that arise when you explore your system and ask your security professional.

4. Allow For Easy Access: 

You do not want the security keypad in a location that is difficult for you to reach. Make sure the area is clutter free and open for easy and effective use. It is most common for a keypad be at a clear entryway. If you are doubtful, consult with your home security expert for recommendations.

5. Make Sure To Ask Questions:

Make sure you write down any questions or concerns and do not be afraid to ask them of the installer. Most companies will do a final walk through of how the system works and if any questions come up, and keep your handbook to jot down any notes that you may forget later.

How To Choose A Home Security Company

One of the most important preparations you need to make is to find a reliable, expert security company that will provide you with the products, service, and follow through you need. Do a little homework and ask the important questions. Make sure you understand the specifications of the equipment, the details of the contracts, the complete cost of the package. A reputable company will show you all of your options, will give you a set price and will answer any and all questions you may have about the system, install, maintenance and repair policies.

Working with a home security professional is easy. However, taking these steps will help you feel more confident in using your home security system. Remember that if you have any questions about what to do, you can always ask.