Security Tips For Renters

August 17th, 2022

Just because you are renting a home, townhouse, or apartment in Inland Empire, does not mean you are not in danger of becoming a victim of theft. In fact, thieves often target apartment complexes more frequently than houses. A good rule of thumb no matter where you live is if you have something valuable, you need to protect it. A security system is a smart purchase for anyone including renters. Here are some security tips for renters to help keep you safe.

Why You Need Security System If You Rent

Thieves know that renters have just as many valuable items as homeowners including:

  • Electronics
  • Jewelry

  • Antiques

  • Firearms

Not only can a thief benefit from physical items, but a quick grab of your laptop can leave you open to identity theft. A security system can also help protect you against intrusions and assault.

Isn’t My Landlord Responsible For My Apartment Security?

Your rental lease does not protect you from theft. Sadly most renters don’t have the funds to cover their losses. Your landlord may require that any equipment installed in the apartment be left behind when you leave. Your landlord may also object to some of the components you want to use to protect your home because of the other tenants.

Preparing To Install Security If You Are Renting 

If your rental does not already have an alarm system and you decide you need the added security there are some things you need to do. First off, most lease agreements state you cannot make any changes before getting written approval by your landlord. If they do approve your request, know that they will not cover the installation expense. Some security companies also require you to show your approval letter before starting the installation.

Considerations When Installing Security In Your Rental 

There are some steps you should take to avoid legal issues once you have your security system installed. They include:

  • You have permission from the landlord to install your system
  • You have a written letter from the landlord approving the installation

  • You accept that you may need to leave the equipment behind when you move out.

  • Determine if a stand alone unit would work as well

  • Don’t point cameras towards your neighbors doors. In most states it is an invasion of privacy

  • Let your neighbors know about the system and possibility of a loud alarm going off 

Stand Alone Security Systems For Renters 

Another good option to having a wired in security system is to have a wireless system. Today’s wireless systems are just as effective. A wireless system includes sensors, cameras, and alarms. When the wireless security system notes something isn't right it triggers the siren and the alarm monitoring service calls the police on your behalf.

The best way to ensure that you are safe in your Inland Empire rental is to work with a security company that specializes in rental security. A security expert can help review all of your apartment’s risks and vulnerabilities and design a custom system that can help protect you. Don’t let your rental go unprotected, call an expert today!