Understanding Access Control for Residential Buildings

October 17th, 2019

When you are a property manager, one of your responsibilities is the safety of the building and the tenants that reside there. There are many common areas in residential buildings that can be a liability when it comes to injuries. These areas include the courtyard, lobbies, and the hallways.

When you are managing multiple properties and multiple tenants, it can become overwhelming at times. This is why it is so important to have the right security solutions in place. Your first step toward greater peace of mind is using the available technology like access control to help you manage and monitor residential buildings.

What Is an Access Control System?

This kind of system makes it easier and much more convenient for authorized people to gain entry to the buildings and other areas of the property. You can customize your access control system so that it fits with your current needs.

Some of the more commonly used technology for access control systems include biometric readers, key fobs, and access cards with pictures.

Access Control Use for Staff and Tenants

With an access control system, the property manager can allow access to certain areas for the tenants. They can allow them access through the main entry and their individual apartments along with all the shared common areas on the property.

Areas that will be restricted and not tenant accessible include the IT rooms, management offices, or other areas you deem unfit for tenants.

With this system, you can also set timers. This means you can restrict access to the gym or pool area outside of normal operating hours.

It is also good for the employees because it is a way to control which areas they can access as well. Maintenance personnel, for example, will probably have 24/7 access to the buildings, maintenance area, and basement while access to apartments is restricted or given temporary access when they need to fill a maintenance request.

Things to Consider When Using an Access Control System

Whenever a key card is lost or stolen, it is important that you disarm that access immediately. In order to minimize this from happening, you may even want to assess a fine each time an access card is misplaced.

To terminate credentials, the property manager simply logs into the access software and reprograms the information for that tenant.

Integrated Access Control

When you pair an access control system with other technology, you will have an even stronger level of protection for your residential buildings. Integrating your access control system with video surveillance, for example, is a good way to ensure that everything is safe and secure.

For more information on access control for residential buildings and other ways you can make the security of the buildings you manage a top priority, contact Triton Global Services.