Why You Need Custom Commercial Security

July 31st, 2019

No two commercial properties and no two businesses are going to be exactly the same. A retail property located in the middle of a town square will have different security requirements than a large commercial complex situated off the beaten path. For this reason, custom commercial security measures should always be taken to protect your property in the way it should be protected. 

Taking A Custom Approach

Taking a custom approach to your security will mean carefully considering each layer you invest in for your area property. Multi-layered security systems allow you to approach and cover every angle of your security concerns, as your layers work together to provide an overall safer and more secure space. Some considerations to take when building your security layers include: 

  • Access control – If your commercial property should only be letting in authorized individuals, access control is a great layer to invest in. Access control provides access to only authorized employees or visitors at any given time, and accesses may be changed whenever needed. 

  • Video surveillance – Video surveillance in and around your property will not only keep watch when you can’t, it’ll also deter criminals from carrying out their acts. The footage caught on video surveillance systems may also be used as evidence if needed. Video surveillance can also be reviewed remotely using simple apps so your eyes are always on your property.

  • Cybersecurity – Cybersecurity is a security layer that all businesses should be prioritizing in today’s modern age. Just as important as physical security, your cybersecurity works to keep your data and sensitive information protected. 

Creating Your Custom Strategy

Creating your custom strategy is made easier with professionals in security in your corner. For more information on building your custom commercial security strategy, and all of the various layers that are involved, contact us at Triton Global Services today.