5 Ways To Reduce Theft In Your Store

March 21st, 2019

There are two main keys to keeping your business successful. The first is simply to make sure that you generate the right level of income for your company. The second? To reduce loss. If you lower the amount of money that is going out and increase the money coming in, you’ll be improving your company’s bottom line in the process.

But just how do you go about keeping your Inland Empire business protected from loss? Fighting against shoplifters and employee theft is important, and easier than you might think. Here are five basic steps that you can take which will help ensure that you reduce theft in your store.

Hire Smart

Simply put, your staff is your primary defense against theft. They can identify potential thieves and then take steps to fight against them. But, they are also one of the biggest risks in your business if they begin to steal. As such, it’s important that you hire the right employees. Take time to do in-depth interviews, check with references and more. You can even run a background check if you need to in order to really ensure that they have a solid history.

Train Your Staff Properly 

Hiring the right team is only the first step. Once you have hired them, you’ll need to go through the onboarding process. This can teach them some of the primary signs of shoplifting. These signs include:

  • Large groups shopping together
  • Nervous behavior
  • Focusing on your employees or other shoppers
  • Bulky clothing
  • Large bags or backpacks

Teaching your employees how to spot a potential thief and giving them steps to use in the event that one is identified can help keep your Inland Empire business totally safe.

Install Cameras

Security cameras are another vital tool that can help keep any Inland Empire business protected fully. If you install cameras you can watch your entire store and identify theft quickly. And with today’s technology, it’s possible to get crystal clear images that you can use to generate better success. Plus, just having a camera installed is often enough to discourage shoplifting in the first place.

Utilize Loss Prevention Measures

Additional steps can also come in handy. Things like security tags and alert systems at the doors, for instance, can keep stock that is more likely to be stolen safe. And you can also install locking display cabinets that will help you store valuable items more securely.

Create A Clear Plan Of Action

Any Inland Empire business is at risk of facing theft. But when you have a clear plan in place it’s much easier to know what steps you need to take. Consider what you and your employees will do when shoplifting occurs and how you will deal with it. Will you contact the police? Manage the theft in-house? Once you have your plan in place, make sure to train your employees properly so they know what to do as well.

If you’ll keep these five easy steps in mind you can create a system that will reduce profit loss and help keep your business protected and profitable.