5 Ways That Security Camera Systems Can Protect Schools

July 18th, 2019

We live in a digital age, where technology can be beneficial to everyone. Certain technology, such as video surveillance, can keep people safe in their homes, businesses, and schools. Today’s security cameras have proven their worth in many school districts by preventing criminal and violent activity. Not every school district in the country currently uses video surveillance, but here are five reasons why they should.  

1 – Security Cameras Help Deter Crime 

It’s a sad fact that crimes in schools have increased in recent years. And it’s more than just stealing the teacher’s grade book. American schools have seen an increase in the following: 

  • Theft

  • Vandalism

  • Bullying

  • Drug use and sales

  • Stabbings

  • Shootings 

Studies show that the presence of video cameras can deter these crimes from happening. When people think that they are being monitored, they are less likely to cause a scene. This is true for students, staff, and even parents. But even if a crime were to be committed, video surveillance would provide the best chance of tracking down the perpetrator. 

2 – Video Surveillance Increases General Safety

This is an obvious benefit, but it’s also the most common reason why facilities choose to install security cameras to begin with. It’s easier to handle large crowds and emergencies when a camera is in place. Video surveillance in a school allows monitoring of anyone who enters the building, including an unauthorized intruder. This gives both parents and staff protection and peace of mind. 

3 – Security Cameras Can Monitor Bathroom Exits

The personal safety of students is paramount. A security system can help prevent bullies from preying on innocent peers. Though cameras placed inside bathrooms are illegal, cameras placed outside the bathroom entrance, or in the hallway nearby, can deter bullies from taking aim. This increases the safety of a student walking the hallway alone while classes are in session.

4 – Video Surveillance Keeps Faculty And Staff Honest

People who know they are being watched are likely to be on their best behavior. This includes teachers and staff. Though privacy should be respected in individual offices, cameras placed in hallways can keep them honest about who enters and exits their classrooms—and why. 

5 – Security Cameras Reduce Inappropriate Behavior

Much like teachers and staff, students who know they are being monitored while in school will usually behave more appropriately. While it doesn’t solve every problem, it can prevent a majority of them. And when disruptions do occur, it can bring about justice in identifying the parties who are at fault. Overall, modern technology is a good thing to consider when it comes to maintaining the safety of a school and its occupants.  

Choosing a company who has experience in security camera installation in many areas is essential to success. At Triton Global Services, we’ve been working with business, schools, and homes for many years. You can trust us with all of your security needs, no matter where that need might be. Contact us today for more information.