Benefits Of Using Commercial Security Cameras

November 1st, 2018

Businesses here in Inland Empire, CA, have a lot of different concerns to deal with. Beyond the day-to-day worries of making enough sales to generate a profit at the end of the month, or juggling work schedules to ensure staff are working at optimal hours, there is the problem of losses that are incurred through theft, a big problem for retail-based businesses. Commercial security cameras, however, are one very effective way to reduce theft for any Inland Empire, CA business, and here’s why.

Provide Deterrence

The first benefit is, of course, the most obvious. When people know they are being watched, they are far less likely to commit crimes. This is because they know there is a greater likelihood that they will be caught. The higher risk, the fewer incentive thieves have to steal. Clearly laid out cameras, with displays showing the camera coverage, are an excellent deterrence against thieves.

Better Evidence

New cameras operate at much higher image resolutions than the analog CCTVs of old. High definition, high-resolution imagery is no longer strictly the province of expensive government and military operations, they are commercially available and affordable. This means higher image fidelity, making it much easier to make out physical details and help identify people that are caught on camera in acts of theft.

Settle False Claims

Cameras don’t lie. In the case of security cameras, this also means that it’s much easier to detect an actual theft, and it’s no longer a game of relying on the hunches of security or just having a gut feeling about someone being up to no good. Photographic proof is indisputable in a my-word-against-yours disagreement. This also means that in the event of customer/employee disputes, such as arguments, there may now be photographic evidence to resolve any false claims, such as an employee attacking a customer first, when the video clearly shows the employee handling the situation in a calm, controlled fashion.

Reduce Employee Theft

Sadly, employee theft is one way that businesses experience losses. However, installing commercial security cameras at cash registers and in storerooms is a very effective way to dramatically reduce this problem. Once employees are aware that they also are under surveillance and clearly identifiable, the likelihood of undertaking theft is going to drop, if not stop entirely.

Improve Business Operations

Commercial security cameras aren’t just good for security, they can also be used to optimize your business operations. Security cameras installed in the interior or exterior of your business can reveal things that you may not have been aware of. You may see “bottlenecks” where customers are too crowded, preventing easy shopping, or you may see that one employee is using very good sales tactics that other employees should be emulating.

If you’re looking for a tried and true way to reduce theft in your Inland Empire, CA business, commercial security cameras are a great way to do it. Security Integration has the knowledge and equipment to help you get the results you want. Contact us to learn more about how security cameras can improve your business.