Six Compelling Reasons To Choose HDCCTV Security Cameras

December 5th, 2018

When selecting surveillance cameras for your security system, you will find a lot of options. One of the most popular in recent years is HDCCTV. HDCCTV security cameras are a newer technology that offers incredible security benefits.  If you are thinking of upgrading your existing security system or installing a new system, there are some excellent reasons to choose HDCCTV cameras. Here are the six most compelling:

1. HDCCTV Cameras Offer The Highest Resolution

Currently, HDCCTV cameras offer the highest resolution on the market. They are the only video surveillance cameras that stream uncompressed, HDTV-compliant, video signals. HDCCTV cameras offer high megapixels and capture fine details. With such high resolution, they can even capture details when zoomed in on a subject during a live stream. The pixel resolution of HDCCTV cameras cannot be found on other security cameras

2. HDCCTV Cameras Have No Latency

HDCCTV cameras are run on their own direct line. This means the video recordings are not compressed and therefore, have zero latency. HDCCTV live feeds are smoother than analog CCTV cameras. They also have do not have the skipping or image distortion that can happen with IP cameras. Choosing HDCCTV cameras ensures an uninterrupted video stream at all times.

3. HDCCTV Cameras Are Easy To Use

The user interface with HDCCTV cameras is not much different than a standard CCTV system. If the system is new, you’ll be able to learn the operations very quickly. If you are integrating the cameras into your existing security system, you won’t have to worry about any additional training.

4. HDCCTV Cameras Are Easy To Install And Maintain

HDCCTV cameras offer plug-and-play technology along analog systems. Unlike IP cameras, HDCCTV uses DVR to record and store images. It does not require a complex IT network to support monitoring, recording, and storage like IP camera systems. An HDCCTV system also does not require programming and configuring each device like an IP system. Without the added technology they are easy to install and maintain.

5. HDCCTV Cameras Can Be Installed On Existing Cable

HDCCTV cameras use the same cabling as analog CCTV systems. So you may be able to use your existing coax cables if they are RG/59, RG/6, or RG/11. This makes installation simpler and more cost effective than installing a new IP system.

6. HDCCTV Cameras Are Cost Effective

HDCCTV cameras are more expensive than IP cameras. However, they use less bandwidth, do not require a network infrastructure, and can use existing cabling. Therefore, you will save on installation and operational costs. They may be more expensive upfront, but over the long term, they will be less expensive than the alternatives.

HDCCTV security cameras are a fantastic option for any surveillance system. The quality, ease-of-use, and cost cannot be beaten. To learn more about HDCCTV cameras and to see if they are right for your security needs, give us a call. Our security experts will answer any questions you have and help you design the best HDCCTV system to keep your premise safe.