How Do You Keep Your Warehouse Protected

November 28th, 2019

Protecting a large-scale property like a warehouse is much different than securing a retail store or a personal home. With these larger areas, a simple few security cameras pointing to the entrances won’t do, but that doesn’t mean you can’t afford yourself the protection that you need. Burglars know that warehouses can be a jackpot for lifting valuable goods, and they know that these properties do require special security treatment in order to keep them fully protected.

Warehouse burglaries can cost businesses and warehouse owners millions in property loss, and these incidents can be prevented by implementing the right security layers. Not only do security systems catch these criminals in the act, they also act as an effective deterrent against crime in the first place. Criminals don’t want to be caught, and they know they’re far more likely to be if you’ve set up ample burglary protection.

Security Layers For Warehouse Properties

Layers are crucial for protecting warehouse properties. While a simple camera system can be effective for a home, and a camera and alarm system suitable for a retail store, warehouses have a lot more they have to work with in terms of property size and property use. A few security layers that are important for properly protecting a warehouse property are:

  • Use motion detection technology – Motion detection technology catches what needs to be caught without using up excess energy or recording hours of needless footage. Motion detection technology can be used with your camera security systems, with your lighting, and with your access control, making sure your security layers are working just when they’re needed. Motion detection lights can even give your warehouse property the appearance of activity and movement during off-hours, never letting burglars know when your property is vacant or not.

  • PTZ cameras capture wider areas – If you’re looking to capture wide areas of your warehouse property, PTZ, or point/tilt/zoom cameras are just what you need. Using motion detection technology, these cameras “follow” those on the property, keeping an eye on them as they cross large areas. This not only protects against outside burglaries, but employee theft as well.

  • Use indoor and outdoor security – There are different security technologies suited to indoor and outdoor applications. Using the proper technologies ensures that you have just what you need where you need it, and that your security layers are going to last. Using an indoor camera outdoors can cause your camera to succumb to the elements, and an outdoor camera used indoors may not give you the quality of footage you need.

Professional Security For Optimal Safety

When it comes to protecting a warehouse or large commercial property, professional help can be invaluable in crafting your ideal security strategy. With professionals on your side, you can rest assured that your complete property is protected against any disaster or mischief that may come your way. If you’re interested in protecting your warehouse or commercial property, call our professionals at Triton Global Services today.