Security Cameras Can Be A Big Help In Shipping And Receiving

August 9th, 2019

Any big warehouse, retail store, or factory is going to have a shipping and receiving department that brings in goods, arranges them on shelves, and then brings goods to the floor or products out to the trucks.  A lot of merchandise and valuable equipment move around constantly in a shipping and receiving center, and it can be tough to keep track of everything and everyone.  That’s why a set of security cameras can be a big help to a shipping center.

Keep An Eye On Inventory

With so many things moving around and so many people coming and going, inventory tracking is essential.  Handling inventory is much easier today thanks to electronic tracking and scanning equipment, but it’s also important to make physical checks and find out if anything has disappeared, fallen out, or been misplaced.  Surveillance cameras can help you make quick checks between inventory counting days, and security recordings can show you what happened to your inventory if the count comes up wrong.

Spot Unauthorized Wanderers

Shipping and receiving involves a lot of heavy machinery moving between narrow shelves, and it’s not always easy to spot someone around a corner.  Between the safety issues and the potential for theft, it’s important for only authorized employees to be in the shipping and receiving area.  Security cameras give you a way to spot unauthorized employees and lost customers and children who wander into your shipping center, and once you see them you can send someone to make sure they leave before something bad happens.

Keep The Workplace Safe

Workplace safety regulations exist because people can get hurt when companies take shortcuts.  Workplace accidents aren’t good for employee morale, workplace efficiency, or insurance premiums, so it’s absolutely essential to make sure your staff at all levels is complying with OSHA regulations and internal guidelines.  Security cameras can show you better than any report whether your employees are doing so.

Monitor Performance

Aside from safety and security issues, camera recordings let you see how your employees are doing their jobs.

  • Does someone tend to slack off?

  • Is someone struggling with operating the forklift?

  • Do your employees need new equipment to do their jobs efficiently?

  • Do you have enough staff to handle all the orders and deliveries without a long backlog?

  • Are your employees respectful to each other, or is there workplace harassment that you need to address?

There are other ways to check most of this information, but security cameras can give you extra evidence and show you problems your employees might not share with you directly.

Security systems are important for protecting against theft, fraud, graft, and other crimes.  However, they can also have other uses like checking up on employee performance, safety compliance, and inventory management.  Other safety features like security alarms can detect intruders while also detecting fires and calling the local fire department when it sets off the sprinklers.  At Triton Global Services, we’re happy to help clients customize their security systems to their individual needs and budgets, so contact us today to set up an initial consultation.