Security Threats You Should Consider

June 7th, 2019

When crafting a security strategy, businesses and organizations first need to identify their assets and then identify the particular threats to each of these asset categories. Just like assets, threats can be recognized and categorized as well, with each addressed by a particular security system layer.  

Different types of businesses and organizations within the area will have different assets, and they’ll also have different threats they need to consider. For this reason, seeking out a multi-layered and customized security strategy is always the best course of action.  

When assessing your particular threats, there are a few questions any organization or business owner should ask. Some of these questions include:  


  • What type of natural disasters could we face? – Natural disasters are never planned, and they seem to sneak up when one least expects it. These range from floods to forest fires, and everything in between, and a business can prepare themselves by outlining which they may be prone to and how likely they are to occur. Security cameras, for instance, can capture natural disasters on their footage and provide a huge help for brands outlining damages in insurance claims.  


  • What is the crime rate? – Knowing the crime rate of the area surrounding the property can help quite a bit in assessing how likely your business or organization may be to experience crime. If an area has a particularly high burglary rate, investing more in security camera technology and smart cameras may be just the deterrent needed to keep property safe.  


  • Are sensitive materials protected? – Sensitive materials can vary. They may refer to materials that could be harmful or dangerous to the public, like chemicals, or it may refer to sensitive digital assets like data and information. Addressing your sensitive materials and how they can be best protected will address any particular threats they may have.  



    Identify Security Threats For A Comprehensive Solution  

    After the assets have been identified and categorized, identifying various threats comes next. When threats are accurately and completely addressed, a business or organization can then and only then begin to build the type of useful and successful security system they truly need. For every threat, there is a security solution, and each of these solutions can work together in unison to ensure the property is kept amply safe.